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Our Main Services

    • Air Freight

      ICS offers economical, on-time and safe deliveries of all your air cargo. We have a dedicated team offering you the best assistance regarding air freight sales and options to suit your needs. We offer services within Canada and USA to  worldwide destinations.

    • Ocean Freight

      ICS provides worldwide shipping from Canada and USA for any type of cargo, we also offer door to door services across North America.

    • Trucking

      ICS offers safe, economical and reliable trucking services within Canada and the USA. We provide a wide range of trucking freight options for shipments across Norh America.

    • Courier Services

      ICS offers domestic and international courier services using world class carriers like Fed Ex and TNT. We offer unbeatable courier sales by passing on the volume discounts offered by the various carriers.

    • Pick-Up & Delivery within Canada and the U.S.A.

      ICS provides pick-up facilties from your business at a nominal cost, within Canada and USA. We also offer you the convenience of dropping off your shipment at our warehouses located in major cities across North America.

    • Related Logistic Services

      ICS provides you assistance in preparation of documents and arranging insurance for your cargo. We also, help with related paper work.